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The Eco Council will be supporting Miss Sims with helping the school help the environment. They will meet regularly (every fortnight) to discuss and plan how to improve our school environment and that of the wider world. This year they hope to achieve their Eco Schools Silver Award and raise money for charity through various events which will support the local environment and sustaining our planet. 

Here is some more information on what the Eco Council have been up to on their quest to make St. Mary’s an Eco School!

November 2020

The Eco Council have met twice this half term with Miss Sims. They’ve spent time considering our 3 main priorities; waste, biodiversity and energy. The Councillors have then led discussions with their classes on what more we can do at MSM to reduce and improve in these areas so we achieve our Silver Award for ECO Schools. They’ve gathered lots of great ideas which you’ll be hearing about soon!

The ECO Council have also agreed with classes to launch the MSM Paper Weigh In Competition which we sadly were unable to complete last year. This has the aim to reduce the amount of paper we waste unnecessarily. Over coming weeks they will be busy preparing for their launch video which they’ll share on this website and with the school early next term.

October 2020

Children from Year 3 up to Year 6 were invited to complete an application form if they wanted to become an Eco Councillor. There were some incredibly amazing application forms which showcased how passionate our pupils are about all things ECO! Miss Sims was blown away by the things children were doing in the local community with their families to make our environment a much better place to live in. 

After reading through so many high quality application forms we are delighted to advise that the following children have been selected to be our Eco Councillors for this half of the year:

Emily D,  J R, Evie G, Clara M, Annabel B, Izzy L, Caylon C and Jack H

The first ECO Council Meeting will be on Wednesday 7th October with Miss Sims.

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