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Vision and Values

Share Your Light
Impartias Lucem Tuam

The vision of The Mortimer Federation of St. John’s and St. Mary’s is based on the Parable of the Talents. God gives everyone different kinds of talents. All different but all important. Our talents grow if we use them wisely. When we use our talents we will be able to get better and better.  If we don’t use our talents we can end up losing them. So we want to use our talents wisely and let them grow. Jesus wants us to use our talents, not bury them. We want to use our talents to honour God.  We want to use our talents to serve others. We want you to Share Your Light.

 Matthew 25:29 “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance”



We welcome and show kindness to all members of our school.  We look beyond into our wider community, so children develop and have a sense of service to others.

A child who is shown kindness is an adult who values service to others.


We work together to grow each member of our school by empowering them to succeed and be hopeful for the future.

A child who is given opportunities is an adult who is hopeful.


As a school community, we encourage our learners to use their talents, innovate and make courageous choices.

A child who is encouraged is an adult who makes courageous choices.

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